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How To Judge Whether New Energy Electric Vehicles Need To Replace The Battery?

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April 15, 2022

1. Observe whether the charging time and charging amount of new energy electric vehicles are significantly reduced.

2. Whether the pure electric mileage is greatly reduced.

3. It is possible to judge whether the battery needs to be replaced by the new energy electric vehicle through the after-sales service point. The OBD diagnostic instrument is used to carry out a routine test on the power battery, and repair or correct the computer data for the suggested errors.By vehicle power battery for 1 to 2 times the full set of (set to about 5% of the power battery remaining power for the dashboard display of the critical value, and then fill to 100%), with professional equipment to record the data, the data will be unified collect feedback to the factory, the factory technicians to determine whether to meet in electrical conditions,If it meets the requirements, the battery factory will approve to send a new battery to the dealer for replacement; if not, the corresponding solution will be fed back.

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