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The Three Parts Of New Energy Electric Vehicles Must Be Maintained

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May 24, 2022

Because new energy electric vehicles are driven by motors, these three parts must focus on maintenance.


1. Core -- battery

New energy electric vehicle battery, which is the source of all power, is a very special and important part of electric vehicle. Special attention should be paid to the maintenance.To regularly go to the repair shop for inspection and repair, to remember that the charging time should not be too long, to prevent exposure to the sun and overheating, to avoid power loss, long time parking should also be charged.


2, the cabin

Check whether the wiring harness in the engine room of the new energy electric vehicle is aging and virtual connection.Remember, because of the particularity of new energy electric vehicles, can not be washed with water inside the engine room.


3. Antifreeze

Electric vehicle antifreeze is used to cool the motor, and it needs to be replaced regularly according to the manufacturer's specified time (the general replacement cycle is 2 years or 40,000 kilometers).In addition, gear oil is also called transmission oil, which is also the oil that new energy electric vehicles need to be replaced more frequently.Just remember!

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