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What Matters Should We Pay Attention To When Choosing An Electric Tricycle?

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July 15, 2022

First check the electric tricycle frame has no rust or crack, the frame is an electric vehicle main structure, the frame is good or bad directly determines the strength and safety of the vehicle body, inferior frame is not only manual welding, but also uneven paint, and there are rust or crack.The plastic panel of a good electric tricycle is generally the same level as that of a motorcycle. It has a high thickness and a thick sound when it is knocked. In addition, the spray paint on the surface of the plastic shell is also very uniform and meticulous, and there will be no obvious difference in luster.Secondly, we should look at the motor, controller, tires and batteries. Generally speaking, the use of accessories for a good electric tricycle must also be a big brand. If we master the above points, we can basically judge the quality of the vehicle.

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